Using symlinks between two projects on git

There is server running under CentOS with php-fpm and nginx on aboard. Two projects are hosted, one of them is primary, the second contains half of the primary project as symlinks and part corresponding to itself. Both projects are in git repos. The primary project works correct under Linux and Windows machines after cloning the repo. But the second project contains symlinks and it doesn’t work properly.

I don’t know what to do. It’s important to save the symlinks, but how should we work with the second project on Windows? Some hooks with git (replace symlinks with files before pull)?

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    git converts symlinks to text files on Windows, since symlinks are available only on *nix environments, and msysgit doesn’t take care of them by default.

    You can create a post-commit hook to workaround them.

    Check answers on git symlinks in windows, specifically this one where a user has given steps to handle the scenario.

    You are looking for git submodules:

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