Using Source Tree, rebase with conflict, rebase doesn't work after conflict resovled

I’m using SourceTree as my git tool on Windows.

I have a main branch and a feature branch and I can’t get SourceTree to perform a rebase when I have a conflict.

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  • main looks like:

    c1 -> c2 -> c4 -> c5

    feature looks like:

    c1-> c2 -> c3

    I want to rebase feature so it will be:

    c1 -> c2-> c4-> c5-> c3

    There is a conflict between c3 and c5. I can resolve the conflict, but when I commit the changes I get a HEAD tag and looking at my graph I can see that feature branch wasn’t rebased.

    How can I get the rebase to work?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Using Source Tree, rebase with conflict, rebase doesn't work after conflict resovled”

    Unfortunately the UX path for the resolving conflicts during a rebase is quite poor in atlassian-sourcetree.

    After you have resolved the conflict and have all of your changes in the staging area, instead of clicking commit, go to Actions-> Continue Rebase:

    enter image description here

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