Using hg convert to convert git repo to old svn format

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  • a git repo can be converted to an svn repo using hg convert. This works for me, however, the resulting svn repo is to modern for me. The db/format number for the resulting svn repo is 6 (svn 1.8+). I need it to be 4 (1.6+), an older version of svn that is. Is there a way to specify for hg convert to convert to a specified db/format number?

    Or, is there another way for me to convert my git repo to svn db/format 4 (1.6+)?

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    You can use a current version of Subversion to dump the repository into a version-agnostic format (svnadmin dump), then use the older version of Subversion to load that dumpfile into a new repository (svnadmin load).

    Otherwise, I would suggest finding older versions of the hg & git based tools that support that older version of Subversion.

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