Using GitSharp to PUSH changes

How can GitSharp (Git for .NET and Mono) be used to PUSH changes changes to a remote server over SSH?

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    In theory, yes, the latest GitSharp 0.3 release (June 2010) includes:

    bug fixes in the transport code (pushing / fetching via http or ssh)

    The GitSharp README.txt does have:

    Object transport

    • Fetch via ssh, git, http and bundles.
    • Push via ssh, git. Git# does not yet deltify
      the pushed packs so they may be a lot larger than C Git packs.

    You will find an example of such a push (over ssh) in this thread:

    Repository repository = new Repository(@"\path\to\my_repos");
    Commit commited = repository.Commit("Testing fromGitC#", new Author("Author", ""));
    if(commited.IsValid) {
        PushCommand pushCommand = new PushCommand {
            RefSpecs = new List<RefSpec> {
               new RefSpec("HEAD", "refs/for/master")
            Force = true,
            Repository = repository

    GitSharp is based upon a manual port of JGit from Java to C#. There is another project does this semi-automatically (with the purpose of being added to MonoDevelop)


    NGit is a port of JGit [1] to C#. This
    port is generated semi-automatically
    using Sharpen [2], a Java-to-C#
    conversion utility.

    NGit provides all functionality
    implemented by JGit, including all
    repository manipulation primitives and
    transport protocols. SSH support is
    provided by a port of jsch [3],
    included in the project.

    The project is composed by 4
    – NGit: The git library.
    – NGit.Test: Unit tests for NGit
    – NSch: The port of jsch.
    – Sharpen: Some support classes required by the above libraries.

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