using gitolite VREFs for update hook

I am trying to migrate from v2 to v3 of gitolite. The old way of doing a server-side commit message check was to put the check in a repo specific hook in myrepo.git/hooks/update.secondary

In v3 of gitolite, they advise the check to be put in a VREF. The documentation is a little confusing and I am hoping for clarification.

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  • I have added the following in /home/git/.gitolite.rc

    LOCAL_CODE                  => "$ENV{HOME}/.gitolite/our_hooks",

    In my our_hooks directory, I created a VREF folder and put my old update.secondary script in there. In my gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf file, I added the following to the repository I want the script to execute on:

    repo myrepo
      RW = @my_developers
      - VREF/update.secondary = @my_developers

    When I try to push, I get a notice that the VREF/update.secondary can not be found. If I change to

    repo myrepo
      RW = @my_developers
      - /home/git/.gitolite/our_hooks/VREF/update.secondary = @my_developers

    I don’t get any complaints but the hook doesn’t appear to run at all.

    Am I missing the boat on how to get an additional update check to run using gitolite?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “using gitolite VREFs for update hook”

    The documentation around this is a little confusing, so hopefully this will help others trying to get a chained update hook working with gitolite v3.

    Everything I’ve done above is correct, the missing piece was were my update.secondary script needed to reside.

    In the gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf, the configuration should look like:

    repo myrepo
      RW = @my_developers
      - VREF/update.secondary = @my_developers

    Then there is a VREF directory in the GL_BINDIR directory. Place your executable update.secondary file in that directory.

    The GL_BINDIR is the directory that contains the gitolite binary you ran in order to run: gitolite setup

    To add to the (upvoted) OP nathasm’s answer, I have no problem using a LOCAL_CODE variable in my .gitolite.rc file, as mentioned in the section “alternate location” of “customising gitolite”.

    However, I never managed to use an environment variable.

    In other words, this won’t work:

    LOCAL_CODE                  => "$ENV{HOME}/.gitolite/our_hooks",

    But this will:

    LOCAL_CODE                  => "/home/git/.gitolite/our_hooks",

    Using the full path means that any VREF or hooks declared in /home/git/.gitolite/our_hooks/VREF will be recognized

    repo myrepo
      RW = @my_developers
      - VREF/update.secondary = @my_developers
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