Using git to just monitor changes on a webserver

I am tasked with monitoring the changes made to the source files of a website. I am not developing the website, just watching it. I am a firm believer in using version control, and am a fan of git, but the developer who is actually maintaining the site is not, and I have decided it is better to let him continue to work however he wants (don’t ask). I do not want to have to give him any instructions whatsoever (except possibly telling him that I am adding files or directories that he can ignore).

I consider myself an intermediate-level user of git, so I want to run this by an expert or two.

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    Yes, using Git on a server should not interfere with the normal operation of the server (as mentioned in the comments, doing this on a production server is dodgy but I’ll leave that to one side.)

    Note that using Git normally will create a .git directory at the root of whatever you’re tracking. If that is your web server root directory, you might want to consider whether this is a risk as far as external access to the contents of the .git directory (depending on your server setup, this may or may not be a concern).

    If you want to create the .git directory somewhere else outside your working tree, see the GIT_DIR environment variable.

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