Using Git to deploy changes to server

I have read through the posts here and I have not found one that has a great explanation for what I am looking for. So, here it goes….

I am developing a WordPress site locally. I commit changes and then I push them to Bitbucket. Once I do that, I go to my server and want to have all of the changes reflect on that server, even if there are changes on the server. I have tried various things and I cannot get this to work correctly. I have tried git fetch and none of the changes are reflected. It says -> FETCH_HEAD instead of HEAD, which may be an issue.

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  • What is the best way to do this so that the changes are always reflected on my server, even if there are changes on the server? I want to overwrite what is on the server. Thanks for your help!

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    If you only want your files from your repo then make a git checkout . to revert all your modified files on your server and then pull your changes.

    If you have a deployment system like Jenkins you can define a stack of command that should be executed on deployment.

    Assuming that you are FTPing the files to your server, you might want to try git-ftp:

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