Using git in iPhone projects

I have been doing iphone projects using git but I noticed that I got tons of conflicts. When using svn this wasn’t happening and merges were less frequent.

Xcode needs the user to add a file by hand. For example adding a new image. When this happens an xml get modified. This xml file is one of the ones that git gets conflict and svn doesn’t.

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    Maybe you are having conflicts on files that shouldn’t be version controlled in the first place (eg. generated code or binaries). If this is the case, you should remove then from the repository and add their names to .gitignore to ensure they won’t be added in the future.

    although there are similarities, git’s commit is not identical to svn’s commit.

    git has a different workflow, and you can commit, merge, fetch, push at different stages. the additional stages are features.

    if you want to avoid this: fetch, merge, resolve conflicts, commit, and push every time you want to do what you know as a svn update and commit cycle. this process will enforce the incremental revision model of svn — git doesn’t use an incremental revision model (another git feature).

    it’s not a problem with git, the systems use different workflows, and git has features you’ll eventually really like once you learn to get out of the svn mindset.

    git commits are local until pushed to the remote.

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