Using git from Package Manager Console in Visual Studio

I’m trying to use git from Package Manager Console window in Visual Studio 2010. And most git commands running as expected, except network-related.

When I tried git push origin master Studio stops responding. The code were pushed to account. I’ve noticed that ssh-* applications were fired and start hanging in system memory, so I switched to https authentication. But the Studio still not responding (and there is no ssh related stuff in memory).

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    Any reason that you can’t drop down to MSysGit and use the package manager, along with git, from there? That would be my approach. Plus you get all benefits of bash.

    Do you have your github account setted on generic credentials in windows credential manager?

    I’m using Git on my Nuget Package Manager for a while now with the credentials saved on windows without any problem. I use also posh-git on my Package Manager that help me a lot.

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