Using Bundler with Git, is https:// or git:// better?

Using bundler to install a gem from github, there are two obvious choices; https:// or git://.

From the default rails template;

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  • gem "rails", :git => "git://"

    But, when viewing the rails repo on github, the default clone url is the https:// url.

    Copying and pasting straight from github, I’d end up with;

    gem "rails", :git => ""

    These two lines are almost the same, but not quite.

    Is there any benefit to git:// over https://?

    Is one of them faster to do a bundle install?

    Is doing an https:// checkout easier to cache from githubs perspective?

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    They will be pretty much the same. If you are behind a firewall etc. you might consider the https one. git protocol might be slightly faster ( and is read-only), but it is negligible.

    If you don’t care about firewall, use git protocol for bundler purposes as it is the right intent – read only clone of a repo.

    The git protocol gives better performance and reliability, but on a host with a web server set up, http exports may be simpler to set up.

    follow git user manual.

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