Use of apostrophe (single-quote) in a git commit message via command line?

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    Use double quotes:

    git commit -m "cracked enigma's code"

    Or, if your message contains other special characters, use double quotes or backslash only for the single quote:

    git commit -m 'cracked $enigma'"'"'s code'
    git commit -m 'cracked $enigma'\''s code'

    There is no need to escape the ' character if your commit is double quoted.

    git commit -m "cracked enigma's code"

    EDIT: Anyway, when you have some special characters to add in the commit message I prefer to edit in a editor (like nano or vim), commiting without the -m option.

    git commit

    And then put the message and exit. It’s more confortable instead of thinking how you have to escape all those quotes and double quotes.

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