Use components from two versions of the same library (npm / Material UI in my case)

I’m using the latest stable version of Material UI in my production React app.

I need the updated Data Tables component, which is currently in Material UI’s unstable alpha branch.

I don’t want to upgrade my whole app with npm i material-ui@next because of the numerous breaking changes.

How can I access the alpha library without upgrading my whole library? Can I install two versions of MUI? Can I call on the alpha API without installing it through NPM?

Thanks in advance.

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    I created in /packages a folder called material-ui-next with only a package.json inside it which contains :

      "name": "material-ui-next",
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "scripts": {
        "postinstall": "mv node_modules/material-ui/* ."
      "dependencies": {
        "material-ui": "next"

    So now from the root of the project one can do npm install packages/material-ui-next --save then one can createPalette = require('material-ui-next/styles/palette') or whatever one wants to require from material-ui now aliased as material-ui-next.

    Explanations : as "material-ui": "next" is a dependency it’s will be installed in node_modules/material-ui so by adding a script after the package material-ui-next is installed to move node_modules/material-ui to the root of the package we can require('material-ui-next/WHATEVER')

    After some googling, found this. To use both versions:

    yarn add material-ui@latest
    yarn add material-ui-next@npm:material-ui@next

    Then you can use

    import Divider from 'material-ui-next/Divider'


    import Divider from 'material-ui/Divider'
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