Unmerge a git branch, keeping post-merge commits

Say there are two branches master and branchA.

I work on master, a friend on branchA.
Once things are finalized, we merge branchA with master.

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    work done on branchA removed, but NOT the commits done after the merge.

    How can we do it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Unmerge a git branch, keeping post-merge commits”

    Read through Pro Git – Undoing Merges.

    Basically, you git revert the merge commit:

    git revert -m 1 hash_of_merge_commit

    You may end up with some conflicts that you’ll have to manually unmerge, just like when merging normally.

    Additional links:

    1. Git SCM – Undoing Merges

    2. Git Ready – Rolling back changes with revert

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