Undo git fast forward merge

I have this situation :
Working on some testBranch for some time and I wanted to sync with master so I did
git checkout testBranch and
git merge master/testBranch

So now my branch is synced with master but then I found out that I want to undo that merge and problem is that merge is done with fast forward and now my commit history is mixed with master commits and testBranch commits and I don’t know how to revert to state before merge on my testBranch.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Undo git fast forward merge”

    git reflog show testBranch

    should show the Fast-forward merge as last item ({0}).
    After making sure this is the case, checkout testBranch and then just do

    git reset --keep testBranch@{1}

    to revert to the previous state.

    If you know of a revision in which you want your local testBranch, it is as simple as:

    git checkout testBranch
    git reset --hard <revision>

    If you have changes mixed in like (oldest on top):


    You could:

    git checkout testBranch
    git reset --hard <point>
    git cherry-pick <your_change_a>
    git cherry-pick <your_change_b>
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