Trying to clone a repository in git, getting a error

I have two boxes, one is my local machine and the other is my dev server. Right now I’m testing this method of deploying apps using Git

I setup my local repository, added the files then committed. I am on Windows 7 & my server is Windows Server 2008.

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  • The server is mapped as the W:\ Drive with my ‘bare’ repository and my target ‘mock’ production folder as child folders.
    — I can get to each just fine, no connection problems.

    Here’s what I did to setup everything:

    1. Local dir git remote add origin w:\gitCentral

    2. Local dir git push origin master

    3. Type C:, then type CD testDeployment

    4. Now I’m in my test folder.

      A. I do git clone w:/gitCentral

    Cloning into gitCentral... done.
    error: refs/remotes/origin/master does
    not point to a valid object! error:
    Trying to write ref refs/heads/master
    with nonexistant object 559e2165845
    06e14ebef1121059e9461a86dd4f8 fatal:
    Cannot update the ref 'HEAD'.

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    try to do the following (starting from your local folder, considering it is a git repo and has commits in current HEAD):

    git remote add origin w:/gitCentral
    git fetch origin
    git push origin master
    cd C:/testDeployment
    git clone w:/gitCentral

    This is happening, I think, for one of two reasons:

    Git wants forward slashes, not backward.
    Git doesn’t like spaces – use quotes.

    So, if your remote is “w:\Repositories\My App” Git would like to see that as “‘w:/Repositories/My App'”.

    That’s my hunch.

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