Troubleshooting git pull

I’ve set up a git repo via ssh on an Ubuntu box I’m using as a media center/backup server.

the steps I took were:

cd repos
git init <repoName>
cd <repoName>
git config --bool core.bare true

I’ve been able to successfully push and pull from my desktop and laptop via TortoiseGit, however a git pull via SSH returns:

fatal: /usr/lib/git-core/gitpull cannot be used without a working tree. 

I’m very new to terminal/ssh so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You have to push to a bare repo. Pull will not work as it requires a working directory to merge to, which is what the error message that you see says.

    So setup a remote to the bare repo from the repo that you will be working on and push from that.

    PS: The ideal way to create a bare repo is to do git init --bare <reponame>

    A bare repository doesn’t have a working tree. git pull is functionally the same as a git fetch followed by a git merge, and to do a merge you have to have a working tree (in case there are conflicts you need to sort out).

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