trouble with git submodule in nested folder (not submodule) of local repo

I frequently find that I understand far less than I think I know… particularly when it gomes to git and github. I’m in that situation again and hope someone can help.

This is all in Windows 7 with PowerShell v4 as my cli.

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  • I’ve long kept my vim config within my local filesystem in a ~\.vim folder (managing symlinks for ~\vimfiles, ~\_vimrc, etc) and on github in a “.vimrc” repository, managing my plugins via pathogen and adding them to the repo as submodules. As long as I remembered to refresh my memnory before adding a new plugin, all went well.

    But I recently decided I wanted to keep all of my most significant config files in a local ~\.dotfiles folder and on github in a similarly named repo (again, managing things with the appropriate symlinks).

    I thought I had it all sussed out and ready to go until I tried to add the tabular plugin to my vim config.

    First mistake was originally just cloning the tabular repo from github instead of adding it as a submodule. Second mistake was not looking up how to properly remove that cloned repo from my local repo. Maybe I did it wrong and caused my subsequent problems (I think I just deleted the tabular folder in ~.dotfiles.vim\bundle)

    At any rate, after removing the cloned plugin repo folder, I tried to add the submodule and things blew up, as shown in the transcript below:

    (note 1:    I originally just cloned the tabular repo (by mistake). That worked
                perfectly but perhaps I didn't remove the cloned repo correctly)
    (note 2:    currently in ~\.dotfiles folder)
    13:11:44|OBERON|316|# git submodule add git:// .vim/bundle/tabular$
    fatal: Not a git repository: ../.git/modules/.vim/bundle/tabular$
    Unable to checkout submodule '.vim/bundle/tabular'$
    13:13:44|OBERON|318|# gci$
        Directory: C:\Users\arley.dealey\.dotfiles$
    Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name$
    ----                -------------     ------ ----$
    d----        12/31/2014   1:12 PM            .git$
    d----        12/30/2014   4:41 PM            .vim$
    -a---          4/4/2014   4:46 PM       6304 .bashrc$
    -a---        12/28/2014  11:01 AM       1328 .bash_profile$
    -a---        12/28/2014  11:01 AM         10 .digrc$
    -a---        12/28/2014  11:01 AM       1548 .inputrc$
    -a---        12/28/2014  11:01 AM       1689 .pentadactylrc$
    -a---        12/31/2014  10:47 AM      11687 .sig-library.txt$
    -a---        12/31/2014  11:20 AM       2150$
    13:13:50|OBERON|319|# git submodule add git:// .vim/bundle/tabular$
    The following path is ignored by one of your .gitignore files:$
    Use -f if you really want to add it.$
    13:15:11|OBERON|320|# git submodule add -f git:// .vim/bundle/tabular$
    Adding existing repo at '.vim/bundle/tabular' to the index$
    fatal: Not a git repository: .vim/bundle/tabular/../.git/modules/.vim/bundle/tabular$
    Failed to add submodule '.vim/bundle/tabular'$
    13:15:30|OBERON|321|# gci .vim/bundle$
        Directory: C:\Users\arley.dealey\.dotfiles\.vim\bundle$
    Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name$
    ----                -------------     ------ ----$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:31 PM            airline$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:31 PM            colorscheme-switcher$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:31 PM            cs-solarized$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:32 PM            fugitive$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:32 PM            indentLine$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:33 PM            pathogen$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:33 PM            surround$
    d----        12/31/2014   1:12 PM            tabular$
    d----        12/29/2014   9:33 PM            vim-misc$

    (Note 3: The tabular folder DID get created even though the submodule add failed)

    So now I’m kind of befuddled and not certain what to do next.


    Hmmm… I may have hosed it even worse than I thought. Trying a simple “git add .” from the root folder of the local repository now gets this:

    16:59:06|OBERON|355|# git add .
    fatal: Not a git repository: .vim/bundle/tabular/../.git/modules/.vim/bundle/tabular

    Look at the path in the error message… WTF?

    In case anyone is trying to follow along and getting a little lost, here is a tree
    diagram of the first three levels of the .dotfiles folder heirarchy:

    17:35:50|OBERON|387|# tree ~\.dotfiles
    ├── autoload
    │   └── pathogen.vim
    ├── bundle
    │   ├── airline
    │   ├── colorscheme-switcher
    │   ├── cs-solarized
    │   ├── fugitive
    │   ├── indentLine
    │   ├── pathogen
    │   ├── surround
    │   ├── tabular
    │   └── vim-misc
    ├── colors
    ├── compiler
    ├── doc
    ├── ftdetect
    ├── ftplugin
    ├── indent
    ├── keymap
    ├── plugin
    └── syntax
    ├── Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1
    ├── PeterProvost_profile.ps1
    ├── nad-profile.ps1
    └── profile.ps1

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  • One Solution collect form web for “trouble with git submodule in nested folder (not submodule) of local repo”

    I would try first:

    • to clone again the dotfile repo
    • to check if the .vim/bundle/tabular is currently ignored

      git check-ignore -v -- .vim/bundle/tabular

    (if it is ignored, modify, add and commit the appropriate .gitignore)

    • to add the submodule

      git submodule add .vim/bundle/tabular
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