Treating 'master' and 'refs/heads/master' as the same branch in TeamCity

Working with github and teamcity, builds seem to either be refs/heads/master or master branch.

Whenever the github service hook launches a build, it is on the branch master.

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  • Whenever TeamCity launches a build (e.g. when I start a build, or a dependency building triggers a build) the branch is refs/heads/master.

    This causes two build numbers to be shown on the same page, the last build for master and the last build for refs/heads/master.

    Is there a way to make TeamCity triggered builds build master instead of refs/heads/master?

    Or is there a way to get master and refs/heads/master to be treated as the same branch, not as different ones?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Treating 'master' and 'refs/heads/master' as the same branch in TeamCity”

    I think I found a solution to this, though it isn’t ideal because I had to delete all passed builds.

    I had to first copy the projects and delete the old ones to get rid of all builds that had been run.

    Then I configured the default branch to be master. And I set the other branch specifications to:


    Also, I updated the VSC trigger to listen on +:master instead of +:*.

    Then I tested by manually triggering a build, and having github test hook trigger a build. It seem to have worked, they are both grouped under master!

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