Track a branch in a bare git-svn

When I run this command:

git --git-dir=firebird.git branch -a

This is my output:

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  •   B1_5_Release
    * master

    A B3_0_Release branch was created in Subversion after this git-svn tree was setup. I don’t have a B3_0_Release tracking remotes/B3_0_Release, or something like this. This is a bare repository, so I can’t do a “git checkout -b …”.

    How can I add this new branch to this bare repository?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Track a branch in a bare git-svn”

    The simplest way to create a branch in a git repository is git branch <branch_name> [<where to branch at>], which would work for bare repositories as well, in your case

    git --git-dir=firebird.git branch B3_0_Release remotes/B3_0_Release

    Beware it won’t be updated automatically upon changes at the svn upstream (neither the other local branches probably).

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