TortoiseSVN working copy folder with conflicts but file list is empty

Context : Windows 7 + TortoiseSVN + Visual Studio 2010 + VisualSVN

In the windows explorer , I can see one of my folder with the little red circle (like there is a conflict).

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  • So I do:

    Righ click on the folder -> TortoiseSVN -> Resolved

    and then a window titled “resolve” appears telling me “file list is empty”

    So I click “Ok” and my folder is still has the red circle,

    When I try “Clean Up”, my folder is marked as ok (green circle), but if I go to the parent directory and come back, the red circle reappears.

    Maybe I didn’t understand well how svn is working, but it’s really strange.


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    little red circle doesn’t mean conflict, it means that there’s a modification.
    Use the check-for-modifications dialog to see what exactly is modified.

    As Stefan has indicated earlier, a red circle overlay with an exclamation mark on it means that either you -or perhaps a running tool- have accessed a file under that folder and edited it.

    So now this folder has a local difference than what you last got from the central repository on your latest update (but only against your last update and not against the repository itself at its most current state).

    An overlay for a conflict is instead a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it.

    => You can refer to the “SVN Icon Overlay” documentation section at tortoise’s website ( for a good overview of the different overlays available.

    => Running the context menu action “Check for modifications” would’ve given you an instant status listing for each file/folder, showing what’s really going on with them.

    Don’t worry about the icons – they aren’t updated regularly. I think the Windows has a cache for file/folder icons and after I-don’t-know-what, the icon gets refreshed.

    If you have nothing in your commit list, than it’s all OK, the icon will be refreshed eventually.

    Folder itself can have properties that are tracked by svn. One of such properties is svn:exernal that bindes external repository to current working copy (one repository within another).

    In case where folder properties are conflicted you need to resolve file dir-prop-base inside .svn folder. When you manually resolve the file, like you would do for any other file, then you can actually mark it as resolved from conflict.

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