Tortoisesvn skips recording mergeinfo

I have checked out the trunk from one of our svn repos.

I then right click -> merge -> merge some revisions -> merge from branch A -> choose one revision and then finally apply the merge.

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  • My TortoiseSVN updates the files, and updates the mergeinfo.
    When I commit these changes to trunk, tortoisesvn shows me the files to commit, and also the /trunk folder which is affected because the svn:mergeinfo has been updated.

    My colleague has the exact same tortoisesvn installed, and does exactly the same thing. We have the exact same global ignore pattern. When he does the merge procedure, the svn:mergeinfo property on the trunk won’t update. Only the files is merged. How is that possible? Is there a setting which tells tortoisesvn not to include mergeinfo when merging?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Tortoisesvn skips recording mergeinfo”

    Well, this was awkward.
    If you do the merge and the URL to merge from has a different base URL than your working copy’s checkout URL, the merge will perform, but no mergeinfo is recorded.

    The difference in the URL string was a capital letter(!). So this means that the URL to merge from must be exactly equal to your trunk, also the casing of letters.

    This must be a bug in tortoiseSVN?

    Checked out trunk from http://****/svn/repo/trunk
    Try to merge from url http://****/svn/Repo/branches/****

    This will do the merge, but not record mergeinfo

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