To monitor why git add . slow?

Assume project where no add and commit has been done for a long time.
I do git add . but it takes too much time.
I would like to estimate which files/directories are most expensive in the current case.
I have a good .gitignore file which works sufficiently but, still sometimes, I have too much and/or something too difficult to be added and committed to Git.

I have often directories which size is from 300GB to 2 TB in my directories.
Although excluding them by directory/* and directory/ in .gitignore, the addition is slow.

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    Git slowness is generally from large binary files. This isn’t because they’re binary, just because binary files tend to be large and more complex to compress & diff.

    Based on your edit indicating the file sizes, I suspect this is your problem.

    The answers to this question offer a few solutions: removing them from source control, manually running git gc, etc.

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