Ticketing System with Github Issue Integration

Is there a more full featured ticketing system than Github provides, but that integrates with Github issues? The pull request feature, as well as others, are great about Github, but I feel some issues/projects need more (like prioritization, attachments, and custom issues/ticket setup.)

  • Start a git commit message with a hashmark (#)
  • Online collaborative environment (not only dev oriented)
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    waffle.io uses a simple kanban-like UI to organize existing GitHub issues, and with some plans can eve ndisplay priorities made on the site on GitHub’s issue tracker. It is very simple though, so it may not be enough if you need anything more than kanban-style priorities on GitHub issues.

    GitHub just got closer to a full featured ticketing with the notion of project, introduced at GitHub Universe 2016 (see blog post)


    With Projects, you can manage work directly from your GitHub repositories.
    Create cards from Pull Requests, Issues or Notes and organize them into custom columns, whether it’s “In-progress”, “Done”, “Never going to happen” or any other framework your team uses.
    Drag and drop the cards inside a column to prioritize them or move them from one column to another as your work progresses.

    And with Notes, you can capture every early idea that comes up as part of your standup or team sync, without polluting your list of issues.

    January 2017: as a preview API, you now have webhooks associated to project column and project card.

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