This compilation unit is not on the build path of a Java project

When I try to use ctrl+space this error is shown:

This compilation unit is not on the build path of a Java project.

I see that there are similar topics but my work environment is Eclipse and i pull my project from Git (I import project as general project) and i use Apache Ant. Can anyone help me?

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    Since you imported the project as a General Project, it does not have the java nature and that is the problem.

    Add the below lines in the .project file of your workspace and refresh.


    Go to Project-> right Click-> Select Properties -> project Facets -> modify the java version for your JDK version you are using.

    if it maven project then do the below one:

    File->import->Maven->Exiting Maven Project ->Next->Root Directory -> Browse your project from Disk.

    Hope it will resolve the issue.

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