The working copy <Project name> failed to commit files. – The repository has an uncompleted operation

I’ve just updated my Xcode from 6 to 7 (and code from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.0) and try to create new branch in Xcode. After that I can’t push my code to Bitbucket.

Is there a way how can I delete repository from directory and setup Bitbucket again and maybe push to another (a new one) repository? Fix of this problem will be great, but I will be satisfied even with move to another repository.

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    I had this error in xcode 7.1 on a year old project that was working fine. In my case I have a project with the default local repository created by xcode. For anyone who is not going to re-install and re-setup. It is possible to find out what the dangling command is and fix it from command line.

    To find the dangling command Open Terminal from the project directory:

    xcrun git status

    In my case the status returned:

    On branch master
    You are currently rebasing.
    (all conflicts fixed: run “git rebase –continue”)

    To fix the problem I used:

    xcrun git rebase –skip

    The problem was with installation of GitHub. I had a master repository. After reinstall and resetup everything works like before.

    In my case I ran git status which revealed that You are currently bisecting. (I was doing a bisect and must had forgotten to reset). I did a git bisect reset and attached the head to my latest commit and it was all fine afterwards.

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