The number of files in tags directory under .git/refs is different in repo and clone

I created a clone of one git repository and created a cron to pull the changes into clone periodically as i needed the clone only for reference purposes and not as a working copy. But when i see in the repository under .git/refs/tags there are around 309 tags files but under clone in same path only 13 files. How ever when i use git tag -l command all the tags are listed in both repository and in clone.

Is it expected or i am doing some thing wrong.

PS. I tested out creating a clone and saw that tags directory was empty.

Just wanted to know if this will cause any issues

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  • One Solution collect form web for “The number of files in tags directory under .git/refs is different in repo and clone”

    References are stored in two forms: “loose”, in .git/refs/, and “packed”, in .git/packed-refs.

    Packed references are faster to use, so a new clone generally has only the packed copies. New and modified references are created loose, though, as these are faster to update (just more work to read).

    On occasion, or when directed, git will repack references (with git pack-refs, which is automatically run from git gc, which is automatically run occasionally).

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