TFS2013 – Clone build definition for team project using git

We want to clone a build definition for a TFS team project that uses git as its source code repository.

Our aim is to duplicate the existing build definition for a new branch.

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  • When the build definition is cloned via the command line (Team Foundation Power Tools) like so

    tfpt builddefinition /clone Team\Project_Nightly /collection:http://tfs01:8080/tfs/MyCollection

    the resulting build definition looks OK at first but when editing the Source Settings it shows a completely different view with only Working Folders and no possibility to choose a branch.

    Running tfpt builddefinition /diff shows no differences apart from name.

    How can we clone a build definition for a TFS git repository?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “TFS2013 – Clone build definition for team project using git”

    This is a known issue with the TFS Power Tools. Currently only builds using TFVC are supported.

    It was reported on Feb 15 (see the Q&A tab on the power tools gallery page), and I know the team is aware of it. I’ve got no idea when a fix is planned.

    Update: I forgot. There’s another extension you can use for cloning builds. The TFS Build Manager extension. It will correctly handle git builds for you.

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