TFS 11 local, git remote

i was wondering if there is a chance to have localy a TFS 11 installation and remotely git(bitbucket).
TFS 11 has all i need to do my work.
But i want the projects on bitbucket for remote access if needed.

Is there a way??

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    If you use a Local Workspace with TFS 11 that shares the GIT repository directory, it will work very well.

    Local workspace doesn’t need you manually check-out a file, so you can share the same directory as where a change will be made from GIT it won’t be an issue from the TFS side (which wouldn’t be the case with TFS/VS 10).

    So you need TFS11 AND VS11.

    If you want to stick with VS10, you’ll have to use two separate directories for TFS and GIT then manually merge from one to another or use the TFPT Online command to update the TFS Workspace from the GIT content.

    You can also use a git-tf(s) bridge. With it — you can commit to TFS normally and use the bridge to fetch TFS commits in a git repository. I use for commiting to TFS from git, but your scenario would need only fetching from tfs and pushing to a remote repository (bitbucket).

    For example, copying commits from TFS and pushing them to bitbucket:

    git remote add bitbucket <bitbucket_url>
    git tf fetch
    git push bitbucket master

    If you made changes to bitbucket and want them commited to TFS — you should commit them through git-tf. Be sure to use rebase before pushing.

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