Test multiple repos in travis ci

So I have many related, but different git repositories. All of which have their own isolated testing. But a few have cross-dependancies (e.g. Mozilla’s “buildbotcustom” and “buildbot-configs” repositories depend on one another for our deployment).

Our old jenkins UX performed an integration test whenever any of the related repositories changed.

I have mentally looked at travis-ping and git submodule support (tracking a branch rather than an indivual commit) for doing these types of testing, however the former needs a user/password combo that is prompted for, and the latter doesn’t look like it will trigger tests when its submodules are pushed to, only when the encompassing project is pushed to.

Is there a way to trigger either another github repo’s travis run when pushing to another repo? or is there a way to have a repo’s submodules also trigger travis-ci jobs?

If there are other solutions/approaches to this issue I’m happy to hear them.

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