TeamCity Github one project works, the other does not

Both vcs roots show success when testing the connection, but one always errors on:

git fetch command failed

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  • I did notice that with the project that fails, when I do git bash, I must do git pull origin master instead of just git pull. I made sure both config files under the .git directories are identical (except for the url, of course). I am new to git…


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    I’m not familiar with TeamCity but if this turns out to be a git problem, you might want to try the following:

    • Run git remote -v and make sure the URLs are correct.
    • Run git branch -vv and verify the branches have valid upstreams, e.g. [origin/master].
    • Verify permissions and ownership of all files and directories under .git, both locally and remotely. I remember having fetch issues caused by bad ownership but I’ll admit this looks unlikely in your case.

    If that doesn’t help, see if you can give us more details, like extra error logs around the “‘git fetch’ command failed” message.

    It seems like you set origin in the branch field of VCS root settings, so TeamCity tries to fetch branch refs/heads/origin which doesn’t exist. Try to set master there.

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