TeamCity fails to trigger on wildcard-specified branch

I have the following setup in TeamCity:

Build Configuration Settings -> Version Control Settings -> VCS Root:

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    • Default branch: remote-run/my-feature
    • Branch specification: remote-run/my-feature

    This triggers perfectly when getting the commits from Github from remote-run/my-feature branch, but when I try to have it generic (all branches pushed on remote-run) like this:

    • Default branch: remote-run/* OR refs/heads/remote-run/* OR +:refs/heads/remote-run/* OR -:refs/heads/remote-run/*
    • Branch specification: remote-run/* OR refs/heads/remote-run/* OR +:refs/heads/remote-run/* OR -:refs/heads/remote-run/*

    nothing is being triggered.

    Does anyone knows what branch specs is need in order to trigger when pushing to remote-run/ANYTHING_HERE?


    As a matter of fact, it fails connecting to the Github repo if I specify anything like:

    -:refs/heads/*/pull or -:refs/heads/*/merge or +:refs/heads/*/pull or +:refs/heads/*/merge in the Branch Specification even though I have valid Pull Requests present in my Github repo.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “TeamCity fails to trigger on wildcard-specified branch”

    Use Branch Filter in the Trigger and set the only filter as

    +: remote-run/*

    Also in Version Control under Branch Specification use

    +:( remote-run/*)

    I also had similar issue and solved it as given above.
    I think this would solve your problem too.

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