Synchronizing single file between two Git repos

I faced with a trivial situation but it seems like it have no simple solution: I want to synchronize a single config file between two git repositories. It even could be a one-way interaction: origin is stored in project A and is tracked inside project B

I’m aware of git submodule concept, but submoduling of the large repository in the smaller one only for the sake of a single file seems to be overkill.

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    You could simply add one repo as a remote and fetch.
    Then you can checkout a file from another branch (including a remote tracking one)

    git remote add repoA A
    git fetch repoA
    git checkout repoA/master -- file

    (Assuming you want the file from A into repo B)

    If both repos are kept on the same machine;

    • Keep the file in the project A repo. There is where its history is recorded.
    • Put a link to the file in project B‘s repo.
    • Add that link to B‘s .gitignore.
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