synchronize git branch with master, selectively

I know how to “synchronize” two branches (i.e. the gh-pages branch is updated everytime the master is updated).

What I would like is to sinchronize only a certain directory of master to the gh-pages branch. To be clear, that’s what I would like to achieve:

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  • master:

    +-- some
    +-- file
    +-- here
    +-- dist/
        +-- some_other
        +-- dist_file


    +-- some_other
    +-- dist_file

    In other words, I’d like to have gh-pages updated as the dist/ directory of master every time master gets pushed.

    Is it feasible?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “synchronize git branch with master, selectively”

    Constructing the commit yourself is easy:

    git commit-tree -p gh-pages -m "" master:dist \
    | xargs git update-ref refs/heads/gh-pages

    Automating that is just a matter of taste. Simplest is to just write a script and run that instead. Hooks are an inbound thing for vetting what you’re doing to your repo; pushing untested repo changes isn’t something git’s really set up to automate. As I recall github doesn’t do hooks at all, so if you want a receive hook on stuff you push there, just make a proxy repo and have the hook do your synch and forward the push.

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