Switch to hg-flow model: how to rebase commits and branches

I started some time ago a small project and used mercurial as RCS.
All commits were done in the default branch, except for one feature branch currently in development in a separate clone of the project.
The project became quite important and I’d like to switch to Driessen’s model.

I’ve been able to rebase all commits from default:rev1 to develop using

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  • $ # Starting in the default branch
    $ hg up -r 0
    $ hg branch develop
    $ hg ci -m 'created the develop branch'
    $ hg rebase --source 1

    My problem is that I can’t import my feature/new-feature branch into the develop branch without losing the branch information.
    I’m quite confident there is a adequat way to do it but I can’t find it.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try hgflow. It’s like git-flow for Mercurial

    OK so this is the workaround I came to.
    Maybe there is a proper solution.
    Anyway, this works.

    $ # Create branch develop at rev 0.
    $ hg up -r 0
    $ hg branch develop
    $ hg ci -m 'creating branch develop'
    $ # Rebase all commits into the develop branch.
    $ # This will merge the feature/new-feature branch into develop.
    $ hg rebase -s 1
    $ # Re-create the feature/new-feature branch from its original parent.
    $ hg up -r 357
    $ hg branch feature/new-feature
    $ hg ci -m 'created branch feature/new-feature'
    $ # Move commits that belong to this branch from develop from newly re-created
    $ # branch.
    $ hg rebase --base 358 --dest tip
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