Svn to git: How to deal with our not-standard, probably wrongly branched svn

Our current svn structure looks like this:

-- project
-- projectDao
-- projectResources
-- project-1.0
-- projectDao-1.0
-- projectResources-1.0
-- project-2.0
-- projectDao-2.0
-- projectResources-2.0
-- project-1.0.0
-- ...

To make things worse project-1.0 was branched from project projectDao-1.0 from projectDao (each in seperate move commits). Idealy it would have been like this.

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  • This is the commit log:

    -- project
    -- projectDao
    -- projectResources
    -- 1.0
    ---- project
    ---- projectDao
    ---- projectResources
    -- 2.0
    ---- project
    ---- projectDao
    ---- projectResources
    ---- ...

    And this is the way it makes sense. And we should then have branched from trunk to 1.0 instead of 2 different commits.

    We however want to switch to git now (permanently) and I am at a loss how i should start with this.

    I don’t really get how i should do this. When i just git clone my repository with standard layout I get something this.

    * master

    This is what gitg generates

    This is what gitg generates

    I don’t know how I can use rebase to get this right like:

    * master

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Svn to git: How to deal with our not-standard, probably wrongly branched svn”

    If I understand correctly, you want to change the imported branches to directories in a 1.0 branch. Furtheron you don’t mention if this is a permanent migration or a git-svn checkout while you maintain your svn repository.

    In case this is just a git-svn checkout and the goal is to keep working with the original SVN as central repository, I would just do a checkout without using the standard layout switch and work in the directories of SVN. It’s a bit dirtier, but you don’t have problems while pushing back to SVN.

    In case you want to transform your repository, add a commit to all branches putting the contents of that branch into a directory in the root, to merge the branches together afterwards. You won’t loose the SVN history with the old branch structure in your GIT history, but the future will be new-style.

    Only in case you want to transform all of the history you will have to create directories and rebase.

    You should be able to rebase these branches as you see fit with git. As long as you can get the complete history from svn to git it’s a piece of cake to create branch 1.0 and 2.0 from any commit you see fit and continue from there to build up any structure you want.

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