Let’s say I have web hosting account on linux on which i wish to host a svn server with wiki, project management to do lists, bugs, etc.

Can you recommend me such a tool(which has all of those – if is possible ) or do I have to put them separately?

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  • 8 Solutions collect form web for “SVN + PROJECT MANAGEMENT + WIKI + TODO LIST”

    Another choice

    Eclipse with Mylyn, the mediawiki plugin, and SVN plugins.

    There is a commercial tool called track & wiki from Polarion It is a tracker and a wiki. Special Feature is: everything(even configuration!) is stored inside the SVN-Repository.

    Assembla is a good choice as well. It can manage several projects and track progress, bugs, Test cases, etc.. There are several packages as well. If you are not a opensource developer, take a look at this as well.

    How about django-projectmgr from The Washington Times ? It has SVN integration, feature requests, tasks, bug reports, wiki, and even a timeline.

    I don’t believe you are going to find anything with that is an all in one installation that includes subversion.

    Sorry to shamelessly plug Joel’s own product FogBugz, but it works very well for us. It can be installed on Linux . The requirements are here. It includes project management, bug tracking, a wiki, and integrates with SVN.

    The installation instructions for SVN will depend on your Linux distribution, but your best resource is the subversion book.

    The Commercioal Tool Polarion uses the Core of the OpenSource-Project XWiki. XWiki ( is very scalable and has an SVN-Extension, see

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