svn command line equivalent of 'git log -p'?

Is there an equivalent of git log -p using the svn command line tool? svn log -v shows file names but not changes.

I would like to see the patches introduced by prior commits. If not possible, is there a way to get the patch (not compared to head, just the changeset) introduced by a single previous commit?

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    svn log --diff is the equivalent of git log -p.

    For a single revision you can use svn diff -c <revision> which in git would be git show <revision>.

    There’s not an exact match; because, git deals with files while svn deals with filesystems. However, there are close matches.

    svn diff does most of what git log -p does. Someone else has already written up a nice tutorial on how to make and apply patches using svn commands. I think you might find it useful.

    Note that while the tutorial makes a patch file of local changes against the last checked out version, you can also use the -r 4:7 options to construct a patch of all changes between revisions 4 and 7. Some combination of svn log to identify the specific revisions and svn diff probably will give you exactly what you want.

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