SVN: Add File Metadata

For a project in SVN, it is required that we add some metadata to file versions like buggy status, review status etc.

I don’t think I can use custom properties as it is at the element level and not on the versions.

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  • I thought of adding the metadata in the comment of the commit, but the comment is shared by all file versions of that change set, hence cannot be used.

    Is there any SVN feature which can be used for this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “SVN: Add File Metadata”

    To set/edit revision properties in TortoiseSVN: right-click on a top-level item in your working copy -> Show log -> right-lick on revision for which you want to set the properties -> Show revision properties -> push New -> Advanced -> etc.

    You do not have to click on the top-level item per se, but you need an item whose log will show the revision you want to set the property for.

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