Subversion – problem creating a new repository

I have recently taken over a linux box running subversion.

The folder where the the repos look like they are installed is in: /home/svn

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  • In this folder I see a folder named web_projects and in that folder I see conf dev db etc etc

    I am trying to add a new repository to this server, but I’m getting the following error:

    `svnadmin: ‘/home/svn/web_projects/my_project’ is a subdirectoy of an existing repository rooted at ‘/home/svn/web_projects’

    Does anyone know why I can’t seem to add a new repository?

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    It is saying that /home/svn/web_projects is (the top level of) an existing repository, and will not let you create one inside that. You need to create yours at /home/svn/my_project.

    Because /home/svn/web_projects/ is already a repository (as explained by the tool).

    You cannot create a repository inside this folder. You can however do that just next to this one:

    svnadmin create /home/svn/other_project

    hth 🙂

    the problem is that you used the “top level” directory as a svn repository, so now you can’t have two repositories because one is nested in another project’s directory.

    Structure your /home/svn area like so /home/svn/project1 /home/svn/project2 /home/svn/project3 … with multiple svnadmin create commands like

    svnadmin create /home/svn/projectN

    Since you can’t nest one repository into another, to start you will have to move your svn files from /home/svn to /home/svn/project1

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