Sublime Text 2, kemayo's git plugin, and Windows 7

I’m going to preface with: I hope I can ask this question here, because it’s not so much programming but using Sublime Text 2 and Git. I’ve scoured over the kemayo’s instructions for hours, I must be missing something.

  • The Problem: I do not understand how to integrate Git with Sublime Text 2 using kemayo’s plugin.
  • Problem 2: When doing ctrl+shift+p (command palette) I don’t get any git commands.
  • Additional info: I am new to Git, but I understand it enough to be able to use it using the standard command prompt.
  • Method of kemayo installation: Package Manager
  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Git installed: Yes
  • where git (Window’s version of which git): C:\git\cmd\git.cmd
  • I installed git to that path because it conatins no spaces or special characters. Of course, since where git works, this also means it’s added to the enviro path.
  • Git does work from the command prompt simply by just typing git


Things I’ve tried:

,"git_command": "'c:\\git\\bin\\git.exe'"
,"git_command": "c:/git/bin/git.exe"
,"git_command": "c:\\\\git\\\\bin\\\\git.exe"
,"git_command": "'c:\\git\\cmd\\git.cmd'"
,"git_command": "c:/git/cmd/git.cmd"
,"git_command": "c:\\\\git\\\\cmd\\\\git.cmd"
,"git_command": false

and more.

Things I also don’t understand:

  • kemayo’s instructions for installation is still a little unclear. Is the only manual set up I have to do after installing via package manager is copy Git.sublime-settings over to the user folder? From my understanding, “git_command”: false should work if git is in the path (which I’m quite sure it is). Optionally, you can manually set the path using that line, but I can’t get it 🙁
  • How do I configure it to use my BitBucket account? I’ve not come across any instructions on how to connect it to a remote repo

I tried to provide as much information regarding my problem as possible, but there are quite a few steps in setting up Git+ST2, so I could have forgotten to mention something. If I left something out, I will most certainly come back and add it. Thank you for reading!

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    this one:

    ,"git_command": "c:/git/bin/git.exe"

    is correct according to Win7 x64 format.

    Make sure you have “C:\git\cmd” root in your $PATH environment variable. Try

    echo %PATH%

    in windows command line.

    If you don’t find that root in the response, you need to add “C:\git\cmd” to your $PATH variable. Java has a good manual on it:

    1. Add C:\git\cmd to your $PATH environment variable

    2. Open this >

      Open this file

    3. ,”git_command”: “c:/git/bin/git.exe”

    I Should Be Working

    Press – ctrl+shift+p and type – git

    I have found that changing the Default settings does nothing. In the User settings, the following works for me:

    ,"git_command": "C:/cygwin/bin/git.exe"

    I’m using the git installation from cygwin without any modifications and also without any path settings.

    As an aside, thanks for the hints, everyone, I managed to set this up in about five minutes.

    If you’re using Github for Wundows, your github.exe will not be in a convenient location. The path you need is something like this:


    I spent far too long trying to figure this out and none of the answers I found mentioned this, so hope this helps!

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