Structure of git repos where code shared across repos needs to be in the root of the repo

I’m trying to come up with a reasonably clean way to represent the following in Git:

My current thinking is something along the lines of:

  • Separate repos for base project and each extension project.

  • For each extension project, fork the base project and create a submodule for the extension-specific stuff. Symlink subdirectories of the submodule to the expected locations in the superproject directory structure.

Is there a better way?

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    Is the code of the common project is really independent from the projects, then yes, submodules are a good choice.

    But if changing the project also involve almost always changing the common code, and if the extension projects don’t represent that many files… then one repo with a branch per extension project and a branch dedicated for common code could be enough.
    That could then involve a bit of cherry-picking for the project-specific commits you want back in the common code branch.

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