SSH problem using Netbeans and Git

I have looked at the other posts from the other folks regarding this issue but I still have problems getting ssh to work with netbeans & git on windows 7. I am new to git so I am sure I am missing something somewhere.

I have done init git on my Ubuntu server. I have also set a %HOME% under the “user variables for username” in system properties->advanced->environment variables and created a .ssh folder in the path that I defined for %HOME%. Now where so I get the key files? I copied them from the Ubuntu server to there but when I am trying to connect by netbean using ssh it still says

ssh://user@ reject HostKey:

What do I do wrong here?

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    This is a known bug with NetBeans 7.0.1.

    Bug 199263 – Cannot connect to remote repositories with just ssh public/private keys
    Here is the link to their bug database:

    Looks like it has been fixed for the next release (7.1). I tried it and it worked for me. Here is where I got the latest dev build:

    Remember, dev builds may have some stability problems.

    I’ve no Windows nor Netbeans at hand here, but that message looks like the host is not in the known_hosts file. Try doing ssh from the console, it should ask if you trust the hosts’ fingerprint, answer yes and it will be stored in known_hosts file.

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