ssh key stops functioning after a while

I was using git on a remote server (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). It works smoothly, until a certain amount of time passed by. I was denied access to the repository (no this issue on my local machine). How does this happen? And is there anyway to solve it?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “ssh key stops functioning after a while”

    First, an ssh key does not “expire” (ssl certificates do, but that is another topic). They are revoked (removed from the .authorized_keys on the remote side)

    Second, if it was working and no longer work, something must have changed, like the $HOME value (since ssh looks for a public/private key in $HOME/.ssh)

    If is possible that the process using ssh does not run with the usual account, but with another user (or with root if preceded by sudo)

    Another possibility – if the git server is moved seamlessly to another Linux machine (keeping the same IP).
    In this case this new git server will have new ssh key.

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