ssh clone not cloning repo in git

I want to clone a repo of another person using ssh. For this I did following things:

  • Generated an ssh key in local machine.
  • Added the key to the user’s account from which the repo has to be cloned.
  • Tested whether the key was added by running ssh -T which outputs :
    Hi username! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.
  • Ran git clone

The last step outputs Cloning into ‘Foldername’… and I can see that the folder is created but no files are present in the folder. I left it for 1 hour but nothing was copied and I also checked the net but its working fine.
I am using cygwin on windows to clone the repo.

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    I can’t fork it in my account as then it will be public.

    Nope: a private repo that you fork… would remain private!
    This is detailed in “If I fork someone else’s private Github repo into my account, is it going to appear in my account as a public repo?”.

    So if cloning from your account works, forking the repo of your colleague could be a good solution.

    I have solved the problem. The problem was occurring because of different home directories of Git bash and cygwin.

    When I generated the ssh key in my cygwin terminal the key was added to cygwin’s .ssh folder which was C:\cygwin\home\windows\.ssh and when I ran the command ssh -T it authenticated me using the ssh key which was in cygwin’s .ssh directory.

    But when I ran the command git clone, the key in git bash’s home directory was used which was in C:\Users\windows\.ssh. I copied the key present in cygwin’s .ssh folder into this folder and everything worked fine.

    However the weird thing is the git clone command didn’t threw any error but instead just hanged.

    GitHub is currently experiencing downtime (see also, so that might be your issue:

    We’re investigating an increase in unicorns.

    That’s a humorous way to say that people are getting 404s on the pages on GitHub, because their 404 page has a unicorn on it:

    enter image description here

    It’s not uncommon for GitHub to experience minor/major outages, probably because it’s such a popular service. They also experience the occasional DDoS attack:

    We’re currently experiencing a large DDoS attack. The site is experiencing major … See more at

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