.sqlite files being ignored although not in the ignore list

I have checked the global ignore rules in .gitignore_global, then I checked the global rules in .gitconfig, but I could not find such file in my system (Ubuntu Linux, nothing in ~/). Then I also checked the project’s ./git directory but it does not have any .gitignore file as well.

In spite of all this, when I try git add ., git warns me that it will ignore .sqlite files per my git ignore pattern.

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  • I have never set such patter so it’s got to be some default behaviour.

    Where can I find gitignore while which is preventing adding of SQLite files to the repository?

    I am still pretty new to Git.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “.sqlite files being ignored although not in the ignore list”

    With a recent enough git version (you must have git, you can use git check-ignore:

    git check-ignore -v .sqlite

    That will give you the file and line of the .gitignore responsible for your add not succeeding.

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