Specify Yarn dependency install path

I’m using Yarn to manage my dependencies for my project. I have developer dependencies (devDependencies) required for development and font-end dependencies (dependencies) that my project will require and use to run. I use Git to manage my version control. Yarn by default seems to install ALL dependencies in the node_modules directory. This is fine for developer dependencies, but because I am using git I typically ignore this directory. I would however like to commit my front-end dependencies and isolate them from developer dependencies. I’m wondering if it’s possible to configure Yarn to install required dependencies in a separate directory from developer dependencies. Bower has similar functionality in the .bowerrc file but I can’t find anything similar for Yarn.

So for example:

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  • devDependencies would be installed : /node_modules
    dependencies would be installed: /vendor

    I considered using Bower alongside Yarn for my front-end dependencies but that seems to defeat the purpose of using Yarn.

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