Sourcetree and GitFlow – not showing color branches

Code base getting large. Decided to get better at GIT…

I am using xCode and decided to move away from xcode git and to SourceTree. I am keeping my code local on my machine but would like to get into the git flow habit. I opened Sourcetree and imported my project. All looks good.

I did a final commit and initialized GitFlow. But as I move from Master branch to Development Branch to creating Feature Branches, I see the branch names in the log, but I do not see the parallel gitflow colored lines. Is that because my project is local and I am not doing any Pull/Push? or am I missing a setting?

PS: Using xcode 5. Not sure if related.

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    You’re getting a flat graph because you have a flat history:

    As soon as you’re committing to another branch, the difference is shown:

    git checkout develop
    # make some changes
    git commit -m "Changes to develop"

    Starting and committing to another feature branch in parallel results in something like this:

    In addition to Stefan’s answer it might be because of your log filters being set in such a way that it won’t show the other branches which would be worth checking. If it’s set to ‘current branch’ you may only have one line of development. Also, if you have a flat history as mentioned (which is often the case) then it’ll show a singular line of development.

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