Sourced git alias fails

I have setup a custom git alias to make a pretty git log like this in my ~/.gitconfig

   l = "!source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log"

My ~/.githelpers file contains the following:

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  • #!/bin/bash
    AUTHOR="%C(bold blue)%an%C(reset)"
    function git_pretty_log() {
        git log --graph --pretty="tformat:$FORMAT" $* |
        column -t -s '{' |
        less -FXRS

    But when I do git l in any repo I have I get:

    $ git l
    source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log: 1: source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log: source: not found
    fatal: While expanding alias 'l': 'source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

    Any ideas?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Sourced git alias fails”

    The error seems to be that source is not an external binary, but instead a bash builtin.

    $ git config '!source .gitfoo'
    $ git foo
    source .gitfoo: 1: source .gitfoo: source: not found

    Wrapping all this with a bash -c solves the problem.

    $ git config '!'"bash -c 'source .gitfoo && gitfoobar'"
    $ echo 'function gitfoobar() { echo foo bar; }' >.gitfoo
    $ git foo
    foo bar

    For your case:

    git config --global alias.l '!'"bash -c 'source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log'"

    Remove the quotation marks; it should just be:

        l = !source ~/.githelpers && git_pretty_log

    Otherwise, you’re trying to run one long command that doesn’t exist, just as the error message told you.

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