SonarQube warning on MSBuild version

I am using Sonar 5.3 server, and in Jenkins I am at SonarQube Runner 2.2.1. I recently upgraded sonar server from 4.5.2 to 5.3 but did not touch anything in Jenkins.

Now when I am Invoking SonarQube standalone analysis, then I am getting the things done, but I am getting warning

WARN – * Use MSBuild 14 to get the best analysis
results *
WARN – * The use of MSBuild 12 or the sonar-runner to analyze C# projects is DEPRECATED *

I just wanted to know what I should upgrade here? I installed MSBuild 14.0 on the machine where Sonar Analysis is running. Do I need to upgrade SonarRunner plugin in Jenkins to latest 2.3???

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