SmartGit pull not acting like expected

I forked a repository on GitHub.

I then cloned my fork into a folder on my local development enviroment through SmartGit.
Additionally I added the original repository as a remote.

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  • Now, the original repository has added and changed some files. I’d like to retrieve these so that I’m up to date, before continuing with developing.

    I the push the Pull button in SmartGit and select the original repo i the dialog.
    SmartGit returns this to me:

    remote: Counting objects: 24, done.
    remote: Total 13 (delta 7), reused 12 (delta 6)
     * [new branch]      master     -> lm/master

    But, the added files and changes are not added to my local repository.
    Doing this manually with Git Bash – git pull original master everything works like expected.

    Why is it SmartGit doesn’t pull like I expect?

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  • 4 Solutions collect form web for “SmartGit pull not acting like expected”

    On Pull, SmartGit will perform a “git fetch” and after that merge resp. rebase the tracked branch. In your case, master tracks origin/master, not lm/master. You have following choices now, always assuming you are on master:

    (1) Configure master to track lm/master instead of origin/master: invoke Branch|Branch Manager, select master, invoke Reset Tracked Branch from the context menu, then add lm/master to the selection and invoke Set Tracked Branch. Now, it’s lm/master which will be merged (or rebased) on every Pull.

    (2) Manually merge lm/master: invoke Branch|Merge and select lm/master.

    (3) Manually rebase onto lm/master: invoke Branch|Rebase, select HEAD to selected commits and on the graph-page, select lm/master.

    What I ended up doing in SmartGit was:

    • Remote > Add (as you did). I called mine upstream.
    • In the branches panel Right click upstream > fetch more.. and select the branches. (Typically master)
    • In the branches panel Double click upstream > master. This will ask you to create a 2nd branch (usually master-2). I also called this upstream. So I have a remote repo called upstream and local branch called upstream that tracks upstream/master.
    • In the branches panel Double click Local Branches > Master to get you back to your master branch.

    At this point I would presume you only just forked the project a few moments ago, so this next step would not be very useful, but if there are a few extra commits at a later stage you will need to do this.

    • Remote > Pull and select upstream. If you press the little down arrow, you will see you can ONLY do “Neither merge nor rebase”. This is good.
    • Click fetch This will allow you to see all the log and what has changed.
    • In the branch panel Right click Local Branches > upstream > Merge.
    • Fast-Forward if you believe you can. (My preferred way).
    • or Create Merge-Commit.

    From this point on, You would only have to do is the last 5 steps.
    The first steps were just setup.

    You would see the new files if the upstream branch of your current local branch was “lm/master“.
    But if you are on master, its upstream branch is certainly by default “origin/master” (ie the master of your fork)

    If you want to merge the files from the original repo, complete your command with a

    git merge lm/master

    Or, in SmartGit, merge from lm/master to your current branch.

    if SmartGit is performing Fetch on your every Pull,

    Then locate the branches option in menu bar or branches window from the application..
    enter image description here


    enter image description here


    enter image description here

    Voila… Enjoy

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